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As recently as 2009, most consumers would never have thought of finding a tax and accounting professional online. They generally asked a friend or relative for a recommendation and simply used that person without completing any research. Since then, this has changed dramatically.  Professionals all over the country are now seeing growth from new clients finding them online, whether through search results, banner advertising or review based websites.  The internet has changed the way people do things in life and it is ever accelerating.  Whether it’s for price, geography, service or something else, the simple fact is that people every day are changing their tax and accounting professional and they are more and more finding that person online. 

Many tax professionals charge a fee based upon the complexity of the tax return.  The complexity can be easily determined by the number and type of tax documents the client has. With a quick conversation, other accounting services can also be estimated similarly.

Prosado brings these two thoughts together into one convenient website.  Never before has a website for tax and accounting services given the consumer the ability to find competitive prices while accounting professionals have the unlimited ability to obtain new business across the country.

Features and Benefits

For customers:

  • Free service
  • Unlimited professionals to choose from and directly contact
  • The ability to see the professionals' star rating and reviews from previous customers
  • The professionals' demographics (ie years in practice, accreditation, languages spoken, location, etc) easily seen
  • The peace of mind of having payment though Prosado so there is always confidence that all obligations will be fulfilled to satisfaction
  • Generous cancellation policy (less  $15 service charge) if once payment is made, the customer is unhappy
  • The ability to leave a star rating and review for future clients


For tax and accounting professionals:

  • Free to join
  • The ability to “bid” for new customers that are looking for tax preparation
  • Marketing via the internet, mobile devices and print ads.  Focus on what you do best… taxes and accounting, while we take care of the rest.
  • Earn Prosado credits for every transaction processed through our website, which can be redeemed for premium listings.
  • Unlimited growth potential
  • Ability to rebid to stay competitive
  • Quick payment since Prosado collects the funds up front from the customer, the tax preparer gets their fee as soon as the job is marked complete by both parties. No more problems with extremely slow collection of payment.
  • Ability to respond to clients reviews


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