How To For Customers is a service that connects customers who need to find a tax and accounting professional with the right one for them with a single mouse click.

No, there is no cost to the customer for Prosado to connect you with the right tax and accounting professional. After accepting a bid or agreeing on a price, you only pay the agreed upon fee.

RFB is simply a “Request For Bid”, or in other words, you are requesting up to four (4) eligible Tax Preparers to bid on preparing your tax return.

Companies or individuals that are required to send you tax documents usually do so between January and March each year and the envelope is typically marked “important tax documents enclosed”. A good place to begin is with your prior year documents to see if you’re still expecting the same ones. All tax documents have a form number and all of the common ones are listed when creating your RFB.

To invite tax preparers to bid on 2 or more tax returns, simply fill out all the pertinent information for one of your tax returns and then click “Add Another Return” at the end of the process and you will be able to fill out all the pertinent information for another tax return.

You can easily make this adjustment with the “edit” link on the “Current Invites to Bid” tab of your dashboard. Make the necessary adjustments. Please realize that the addition and/or deletion of tax documents may affect the bids you received. Therefore, all original bids are no longer valid. Your updates will be emailed to every Tax Preparer who has already bid on your RFB. It is up to each individual Tax Preparer if they choose to post an updated bid or not. Once the RFB has been updated, the bids you receive will be for your updated RFB.

All customers are obligated to complete their RFB honestly. If the true complexity of the tax return, and the corresponding number and types of tax documents, is different than the RFB indicated, we suggest you speak with the preparer directly about whether or not an additional fee is necessary.

Start your search by entering your zip code. Select which professionals (maximum of 4) you would like to contact by checking the box to the left of their name.  Click the "contact" button and follow the screens to enter your information. At the end of the process, the chosen professionals will receive an email with the information you entered.

Your RFB will be open for bids for 7 days from when you submit your request. After the 7 day bidding period is over, the bids for your RFB will only be valid for the next 7 days. After 14 days from when your RFB was submitted, all bids will disappear.

Yes, you may submit another RFB as long as you do not have any other active RFBs. There can be only one active RFB per customer.

No problem. We know that it can be tough choosing the right professional that makes you feel comfortable. That’s why we allow you to have 2 days to cancel after payment is made.  You will receive your money back, minus a nominal $15 cancellation charge. This way, you can choose a professional with confidence.

Ratings & reviews come from actual Prosado customers and those are identified as "Prosado member ratings".  In order to complete a job process, every customer is asked to fill out a star rating, as well as say something that might help future customers make their decision about a tax and accounting professional. Non-Prosado customers can also review professionals and those are identified as "other ratings".

If you forget your password, reset it by clicking the 'Forgot Password' link on the login page. If you forget your email address, try an alternate address you may have used during sign up. If you are still unable to login, please contact us at and we will assist you further.

Some e-mail providers like Yahoo! Mail, GMail and Hotmail sometimes move Prosado e-mails to your junk mail or spam folder so please check there. If you find Prosado e-mail there, we recommend you add Prosado to your Safe Senders List. If Prosado e-mails are not in your junk mail or spam folder please let us know so we can assist you further. Just e-mail us at

Please be patient while waiting for bids to come.  Some Tax Preparers may need some time to decide how much they are going to charge to complete your taxes.  Keep in mind that Prosado doesn't guarantee that every RFB will receive bids.

All fees are held by Prosado until both you and your preparer mark the project complete.  This helps ensure that all obligations are fulfilled.  Please review our Terms of Use for more information., this is not necessary.  Some people, however, like to have an in-person meeting and that's ok.  This question is asked while creating an RFB so the option is available.  Many tax preparers, however, have clients all over the country, many of which simply mail, email or fax their documents.

Not necessarily.  Prosado is not about the lowest bid, but rather the best bid for you.  All demographic information about the tax preparers should be taken into account, including their education level, how many years they've been in business and their star rating.  Sometimes it's worth it to pay a little more for the best person for you.

Yes, all bids include state tax returns where applicable.