Step 1 - Register

With a few easy steps you can set up a profile, including information that potential customers will use to decide which professional to contact, invite to bid or both.  Make sure you fully complete your profile and create an informative bio. This is your opportunity to "introduce yourself" to potential clients that find you from the Prosado search results.

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Step 2 - Consider

After signing up, you will have a personal dashboard to keep track of all contacts or invitations from potential clients as well as the status of any RFBs (Requests for Bids) you bid on. Whether a customer contacts you or invites you to bid, you will see all pertinent information about the tax return or accounting services they are looking for. It is up to you to determine how much your fee will be for the services requested and/or how much you would like to bid on their tax preparation.

You have 7 days to bid once invited and bids will remain valid for another 7 days after the bidding process has ended. With this information, you determine how much you would like to charge and you place your bid.  Your bid includes the preparation of the customer's Federal tax return & State tax return where applicable.

If the customer who has contacted you needs accounting services other than preparing a tax return, you are able to agree on a price for that service. Prosado supplies a payment portal for you to use for these other services. You will receive Prosado credits for every transaction through the Prosado payment portal. These credits are redeemable for premium listings on the Prosado search results... resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Step 3 - Connect

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Congratulations... your bid has been accepted or the customer has agreed on your fee for other accounting services & you've used Prosado's payment portal. Now you will be emailed all of the information for the customer and your information will be emailed to them as well.

Through a private transaction, you make all the arrangements with your new customer to complete the tax return or other accounting service they needed. Don't forget to ask them if there are any other services you can provide!

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Step 4 - Safe Pay

As soon as your bid is accepted or your fee for other accounting services is accepted, the customer is charged the agreed upon fee. After both parties mark the job complete, we will transfer your fee, less a 10% service charge (minimum $15), into your bank account. (Total processing time is about 7 days)

No longer do you have to chase customers for payment. Your fee is "waiting for you" as soon as the job is complete. Don't forget... for every transaction through Prosado, you will earn Prosado credits which can be redeemed for premium listings!