News / Meet Some of Prosado's Tax Preparers (22 Jan 2014)


Customers of Prosado have been asking to see more information about the tax preparers who bid on their RFB. We thought that was a great idea and have now implemented this feature on all RFBs.  If a tax preparer filled out their profile, you will now see a link to view these details along with their picture, if provided.  Here are a few of our terrific tax preparers.

Simeon S.


I offer a full line of financial products along with business and personal tax returns. I am licensed in AR and MO to sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or any other type of security. I am very actively involved in my clients finances from preparing their tax returns to managing their wealth and planning their retirement. I also do bookkeeping for several of the local businesses and corporations. I have a Business Admin Corporate Finance Degree. I'm also experienced in real estate and I also operate a business buying up distressed properties to fix up and turn around for profit. I have been involved with the Finance sector for well over a decade and I Love what I do and love to help others with their personal finances as well.

Michele C.

Michele C. is an accountant with 20 years experience in the field.  She has held a number of management level positions including Senior Accounting Manager for a debt acquisition company and Senior Accountant for a major local restaurant franchisee. She is a certified Federal and New York State tax preparer and has maintained a private accounting practice for over 15 years.  Her clients include consumers and small businesses.  She has knowledge of the tax ramifications of consumer insolvency as related to consumer debt write-off.   She is lending her substantial expertise to assist in this venture.

Carolyn B.


I am an Enrolled Agent which means I have unrestricted rights before the IRS to help my clients in tax matters. I have been preparing returns roughly for about 20 years. I went into business in 2005. I prepare 1040 series, rental, and self employed returns. I work through fax, email, phone, and webcam.

Jamie L.


I am a CPA and partner at a local CPA firm in Rapid City, South Dakota. I have been in the business for around 5 years and have experience in all types of business and personal tax preparation. I am married with 3 children and enjoy a round of golf in a South Dakota summer. I am on LinkedIn if you would like more information.

Bea B.


I feel very passionate about taxes.  We pay too much of them!  My goal in doing your tax return is to squeeze every cent out of it. The IRS website, where I do a lot of research, is practically my second home. I look at you as a person and not just another dollar in my pocket. If you have a business or are self employed, more specialized knowledge in needed to do your tax return. I keep myself informed about all regulations and deductions your are entitled to and I see it as my responsibility to explain them to you.    My clients always tell me that this helps them a lot.  All of my customers are long term clients or referrals from long time clients. It is my belief that doing your taxes should not cost you an arm and a leg and that is why I keep my rates very affordable. It's not all about money. I also help individuals and businesses resolve their IRS problems and handle initial business set ups.